Facility Rentals


In addition to a year-round repertoire of performances in the theater, the Mountain Arts Center has several multi-purpose rooms, which can be rented for business meetings, seminars, catered meals, parties, receptions, and other functions. These spaces include:


1. Theater:
The Center's theater seats up to 1,044 people in an elegant environment accentuated by natural rock walls. We can accomodate 469 guests in the lower section and 575 guests in the upper section. Its state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, along with the Center's video conferencing capabilities, allow us to accommodate virtually any type of gathering for you and your organization.


2. Lobby:
The Marvin Music Lobby features large open spaces and an art gallery, which can accommodate up to 150 people depending on set-up requirements. In the past this space has been utilized for catered meals, weddings, private entertainment events, and community functions.


3. Band Room:
This 60' X 35' multi-purpose room (2100 sq. feet) will seat 100 individuals at tables and 120 individuals in classroom style seating.


4. Private Instruction Rooms:

Within the Band Room, we offer four rooms designed for private instruction. These rooms can be used by instructors to offer private musical instruction to students; including voice, piano, guitar, violin, etc. 


5. Choral Room:
With a seating capacity of up to 36 individuals at tables and up to 40 individuals in classroom style seating, the 30' X 50' Choral Room (1050 sq. feet) is ideal for smaller group meetings, presentations, and seminars.


6. Backstage

We have a total of three dressing rooms, one of which has a private restroom facility, and two additional restrooms available to performers. In this area, there is direct access to the stage without entering areas of puclic facility. 


7. Administrative Offices:

We have a total of five individual offices and a small conference room in the left wing of the bulding.


The Mountain Arts Center can accommodate your meeting and event needs with our own tables, chairs, a wide range of audio/visual equipment, and courtesy staff. At the Mountain Arts Center, our staff is flexible, professional, and eager to accommodate the specific needs of your organization.


Technical Information:



Proscenium Opening: 54’ Wide x 22’ High; 26’ from downstage lip to main curtain; 33’ from main curtain to upstage cyc curtain.




            1. Controls: ETC Insight 2x Control System

            2. (212) Stage Dimmers

            3. (2) Catwalks

            4. (2) Box Booms

            5. (4) Wall Booms

            6. (4) Electric Battens




40 Channel BSS Active Splitter

Already hard-wired in place from 40 stage inputs to FOH; to recording studio; and to monitor stage mix.

            40 Outputs (XLR male) available on front of splitter modules for additional routing

            (remote truck, additional monitors, FOH, etc.)

Mains Console

            Yamaha M7CL 48x16x8x3 console with

                        8 DCA’s          

                        Master Left, Right, Mono, and Sub Main Outputs

                        40 mic input channels

                        4 Stereo input channels

                        16 Omni outputs (XLR)


FOH Aux Rack

            1 - ClearCom RM-440 intercom module

            1 – BSS FCS 966 Dual 31-band graphic EQ (LR)

            2 – DBX 3231 Dual 31-band graphic EQ (Mono and Subs)

            2 – 48 point patch bays

            1 – Local Tie Bay (for patching outboard gear)


Control Room Rack

            3 – ADC patch bays (mic routing)

            1 – Clearcom R220 intercom module

            1 – Sennheiser Infrared Hearing Impaired Assistance system

            1 – DBX 160 XT Compressor / Limiter

            2 – Tannoy CPA5 control room monitors

            1 – Crown D-75 monitor amp


Mains Power & Speakers

            X-Over – BSS Soundweb Processors 9008 & 9088ii

            4 – (2L & 2R) flown Clair Bros. R3T’s tri-amped w/

                        2 – Crown MA3600 (lows)

                        2 – Crown MA3600 (mids)

                        2 – Crown MA600 (highs)

            Center Cluster – 6 Clair Bros “CAT” System bi-amped w/

                        2 – Crown MA2400 (lows)

                        2 – Crown MA600 (highs)

            Subs – 4  Clair Bros CS-18’s powered by

                        1 – Crown MA5000


            *Also, there is an EAW JF-60 Lip-speaker system installed in the downstage lip of the stage to cover the first few rows of seats. It is also powered by Crown amps.


Fixed Monitor System

                        9 – Clair Bros. Wedge A floor monitors

            Powered by:

                        Crown Macro 24 x 6 power amps

            *There can be up to 7 individual monitor mixes in this configuration.


On Stage Monitor Mixing System  Optional System

            10 Stage Mixes – Bi-amped

            10 – Clair Bros. Wedge A floor monitors

            3 – SR4704 JBL 15” and 2” Horn

            2 – JBL AS 2225 2-15” and 2” Horn sidefills

            11 – Crown Macro 24 x 6 (10 mix and 1 cue)

            1 – Crown MA 600 (SF High)

            1 – Crown MA 5000VZ (SF Low)

            1 – 40 channel snake from split panel to console

            5 - DBX 3231L Dual band Graphic EQ’s


            Yamaha MC3210 Console


Supplemental Side-stack System

            6 – EAW KF650 isp (3L, 3R)

            2 – EAW SB250 (Low)

            Powered By:

            2 – Crown xti 2000 (High)

            2 – Crown xti 4000 (Mid)

            2 – Crown MA 5000VZ (Low)


Wired Mics

            1 – Shure Beta 56

            2 – Shure Beta 52

            5 – Shure Beta 58

            1 – Shure SM 58

            6 – Shure SM 57

            4 – Sennheiser 421

            4 – Sennheiser 540

            4 – Beyer 201

            2 – AKG 460

            4 – Crown PCC160

            6 – Countryman Type 85 Active Direct Boxes

            1 – Sony ECM44B Lavalier Mic

            12 – Atlas MS12C Chrome Stands

            8 – Atlas MS-7 Short Chrome Stands

            6 – AKG KM201A/2 Black Tripod Stands

            12 – AKG KM211/1 Black Boom Arms


Wireless Mics

            10 – Shure ULXP4 Wireless Receivers

            8 – Shure Handheld Microphones

                        4 – Shure Beta 87A

                        4 – Shure Beta 58

            2 – Shure ULX Body Pack Transmitters (For instruments, or lav mics)

            3 – Countryman Isomax Headset Mics

            6 – Countryman EMW Lavalier Mics

            8 – SC1 Instrument Adapter Cables




Clear-Com with 2 tech and 2 house channels available.




Sennheiser Infra-red with 20 headset receivers.




See separate rigging system description.




            (1) 400 Amp Company Switch

            (2) 200 Amp Company Switch



The facility’s loading dock is located at left rear of building and is 18” higher than street level. Access to backstage is through two 10’ roll-up doors. Distance from dock to stage is approximately 30’.