Billie Jean Osborne's Kentucky Opry Jr. Pros will hold auditions for students age 5-18 on Saturday, January 12 at the Mountain Arts Center.  Auditions will be held for musicians and vocalists.  Call the MAC box office at 606-889-9125 to reserve an audition time.  Below you will find a list of requirements for both vocalists and musicians:


  • Vocalists should be prepared to sing one song from any commercial music style, including but not limited to pop, country, rock, bluegrass, contemporary Christian or gospel.  Musical theatre, classical repertoire, and songs written by the vocalist are discouraged.
  • All vocalists must perform from memory. You will not be allowed any device or lyric sheet in the audition. 
  • Vocalists mus supply a good quality karaoke track with which to sing.  It is highly recommended that you ahve it downloaded to a hard copy CD format. Acapella auditions will not be accepted.
  • Vocalists should be prepared to perform on stage with appropriate stage presence and movement to show ability to engage an audience and entertain.
  • Please choose audition attire to complement your audition selection.
  • Do steer clear of very large or unique voice covers including Carrie Underwod, Whitnet Houston, Adele, Aretha Franklin, etc.
  • Do choose a song that sounds and reflects who YOU are. 



  • You will be required to play a song of your choice.

  • You will also be asked to play a song that has been charted by our musical director.

  • The chart will be written in the Nashville Numbers charting system.  You do not have to be proficient in reading/playing Nashville Numbers but please do some research and have a general knowledge about the charting system.

  • We will have a keyboard, drum kit, and guitar amp available for you to use.

  • If you play a rhythm instrument you're welcome to use a track that ONLY has lead instruments.

  • If you play a lead instrument you're welcome to use a track that ONLY has rhythm instruments.

Call 606-889-9125 to schedule your audition time today.